Apartment Quest - FAQ'S

Q: Is your service really "Free" ?


A: Yes it is...and you recieve a cash rebate of up to $150.



Q: What do I have to do to get paid?


A: It's SIMPLE...Just put Apartment Quest down on the Guest Card and Lease Application...its just that simple.



Q: Why should I choose Apartment Quest?


A: Not all locators are equal...and not all clients are the same...We LISTEN to your needs...YOUR wants and YOUR desires...then we match those to your individual circumstances...We put our clients needs first...and while every client is different, we treat all our clients with the same level of care and degree of attention.



Q: I have "special" issues. Can you still help?


A: Broken lease...foreclosure...police record...bad credit???...We can help find you the right properties that will work with you...It is important to let your locator know of ANY issue which you may effect your personal situation...